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Data Required from the Traders

Production / Imports Quantity, Sales Quantity & Value


You are requested to submit the information quarterly for the year under Section 57 of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act No.9 of 2003 on or before the following month of each quarter end as per Annex 1.

We would like to have the by annual  information from H1(1st Jan. – 30th  June), H2(1st July – 31st Dec.), information on the products you are in business based on our product list Annex II.

Please furnish the above information as per attached format together with copies of the current price list (MRP List).

For any further clarifications you would contact Ms.Shakila Weerasinghe, +94 11 7755465.

Please use the below reference numbers in your future correspondence.

  • CAA/CP/MSH1/2018 - Details of by Annual 01 - 2018

  • CAA/CP/MSH2/2018 - Details of by Annual 02 - 2018

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