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Preventing an attempt to sell cement, misleading the consumers

A raid was conducted, as per a complaint received by the Investigation officers of the Consumer Affairs Authority, regarding issuing of re-packed expired cement stock....


Workshop of empowering women in rights and responsibilities

With the purpose of building a society which is well consisted with consumer rights responsibilities consumer affairs information division of consumer...


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Towards a Secure Electricity Usage Tomorrow

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka held a Media Brief and a workshop on the Issues Arisen due to Non-Standard Sockets & Plugs for non-Industrial Application with the participation of CAA, SLSI,SLC,IESL and consultants. This workshop held at SLIDA on 26th November 2018 for the local manufactures & importers of Plugs & Sockets.
Mr. M.S.M. Fouzer, Director General of CAA participated as a panel member of this workshop on the Directions 63 & 64 by CAA enforcement 1st of January 2019.





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