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Control Price For Turmeric Powder

  AACTING under the powers vested in it by Section 20(5) of the Consumer Affairs Authority...


Control Price For Rice

  ACTING under the powers vested in it by Section 20(5) of the Consumer Affairs Authority...


Consumer Rights day 2018

National Public Private Dialogue on “Making the Digital Market Place Fairer”

The theme of the Consumer Rights Day 2018 declared by the Consumers International is “Making the Digital Market Place Fairer”.  In line with the Consumer Rights day,   a public private dialogue has been organized and this will be held on 15th and 16th March 2018 at Hotel Taj samudra, Colombo.  The key stakeholders in e commerce such as regulatory agencies, policy making bodies, Universities & research organizations, e commerce industry participants, industry organizations and e commerce consumers have been invited to bring their valuable insights to the forum. This public Private Dialogue steered by the ITC Consultant Dr Michael Geist   will enable stakeholders to

  • Understand and critically evaluate the existing regulatory framework on the Sri Lankan digital market

  • Have an overview of e commerce international best practices

  • Understand how e commerce has been structure in the context of current trade negotiations

  • Propose recommendations on key legislative and regulatory priorities for establishing modernized consumer e- commerce law framework

This event is organized by the Consumer Affairs Authority in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC) under the framework of EU-Sri Lanka Trade Related Assistance Project and funded by the European Union.  

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