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Control Price For Turmeric Powder

  AACTING under the powers vested in it by Section 20(5) of the Consumer Affairs Authority...


Control Price For Rice

  ACTING under the powers vested in it by Section 20(5) of the Consumer Affairs Authority...


Pre – Deployment Residential Training Program for Investigation Officers conducted by Consumer Affairs Authority at MAS Athena, Thulhiriya.

The Consumer Affairs Authority conducted a successful residential training program on 21st and 22nd of October for Investigation Officers who were recently recruited to the Authority at the MAS Athena training center in Thulhiriya.

The purpose of conducting this training program was to enhance their knowledge and job related skills and to optimize their contribution towards the organization as well to the country. These investigation officers are already engaged in their duties and have conducted awareness programs, market surveillance, market research studies and establishment of consumer organizations etc.

The following topics were discussed at this training program by a talented resource panel.

Food Safety Policies in Sri Lanka by Mr. S. Nagiah – Dip. In Public Health (RSH – London), Member of Food Advisory Regulatory Commission, Secretary Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition

Mr. S.T. Abouthali - Asst. Director, Food Control Administration Unit, Ministry of Health

Consumer Empowerment by Mr. Arjun Seneviratne – Member of National Consumer Network of SL, Former Senior Consultant SEMA

Government Accountability & Transparency, Good Governance & Attitudinal Productivity by Dr. Saman Weerawansa, Director & Senior Lecturer Sri Lanka Foundation, Dr. Rizad, Senior Lecturer, Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine

Corruption Free Government Services by Commission to investigate of Bribery & Corruption

Legal System Regarding Consumer Protection by Mrs. Gayani Ranasinghe - Senior Legal Officer, Legal & Enforcement Division, Mr. A A Jasoor - Assistant Director, Consumer Affairs & Information Division

Consumer Redress Scheme by Mr. D.W. Johnthasan - Attorney at Law, Mr. Tharaka Vidanagamachchi – SIO, Consumer Complaint Unit, Legal & Enforcement Division

Market Investigation & Monitoring by Mr. W.W.A.K. Bandara - Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs & Information Division, Mr. Jasoor - Assistant Director, Consumer Affairs & Information Division, Mr. Daya Samarakoon - Assistant Director, Consumer Affairs & Information Division   

Managing Job & Work Stress, Service Satisfaction through Emotional Intelligence by

Mr. Ishri – Revolutionizer International Skills & Human Revolutionizing Institution











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