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Control Price For Turmeric Powder

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Consumer Affairs Authority is in the alert on sellers

Consumer Affairs Authority is in the alert on sellers of electrical equipment, accessories and Decorations During the Vesak Season

Consumer Affairs Authority advises consumers to be very careful when purchasing electrical equipment, bulbs and related decorative items used for decorations in celebration of Vesak Festival.

Dr. Lalith N Senaweera, The Chairman, Consumer Affairs Authority points out that it is much possible to sell electrical equipment, wires, and related items without good standard and guarantee at the time of Vesak Festival.

He advises to pay special attention on the following matters when purchasing electrical equipment and accessories for the decorations in celebration of Vesak Festival.

At the sale of all the electric or electronic equipment manufacturers, sellers, importers and suppliers shall ensure a guarantee period not less than six months from the date of selling or the date that buyer owns the good and the conditions of the guarantee certificate shall be in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages.

  • All the manufacturers, importers, distributors and sellers shall not manufacture, import, distribute, store or as in retail or wholesale or display for sale the following items if they are below 250v, unless they bears Sri Lanka Standards (SLS) mark.


  • Plugs with exchangeable wires and unexchangeable wires
  • Switched and unstitched socket outlets with switches or without switches , electrical extension cords and portable socket outlets
  • Adaptors and single transformer adaptors
  • Fused coordination units (switched and unswitched)
  • Fused transformer plugs
  • Cable reels fixed with plugs and socket outlets


  • SLS certification is compulsory for below mentioned locally manufactured electricity wires.


  • SLS 733- PVC insulated, non-armoured cables with cooper conductors, for voltages up to and including 450/750V, for electric power, lighting and internal wiring
  • SLS 1143 Electrical flexible cords rated up to 300/500 V, for use with appliances and equipment intended for domestic, office and similar environments.

If any matter arisen in this regard, Consumer Affairs Authority requests general public to inform it to the Authority’s Telephone Numbers 011-7755481-483 or 1977.

Dr. Lalith N.Seneweera,


Last Update: 03-07-2020
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