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Establishment Of Consumer Affairs Authority

The Consumer Affairs Authority commenced its operations from July 2003 with the powers vested by the Consumer Affairs Authority Act No.9 of 2003 which has been certified by the parliament on 17 March 2003. With the enactment of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, the Consumer Protection Act No.1 of 1979, the Fair Trading Commission Act No.1 of 1987 and the Control of Prices Act of 1950 were repealed and the Fair Trading Commission and the Department of Internal Trade were abolished and replaced with the establishment of the Authority.

The Consumer Affairs Authority consists of a Chairman and a minimum number of 10 other Members representing different fields of expertise, such as industry, law, economics, commerce, administration, accountancy, science and health, in order to assist the policy making in meeting the goals and objectives of the Authority under the Act. Provision is made available in the Act for the appointment of 3 of the Members, in addition to the Chairman, on a full-time basis. The Director General, who is also the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for carrying out the functions of the Authority who is also required to function as the Secretary to the Authority.

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