Canned Fish (425g) (Rs.176.5) 0     Chicken with Skin (Rs.446.5) 0     Coconut (Rs.73.5) 0     Dhal (Rs.130) 0     Green Gram (Rs.220) 0     Nadu (Rs.73.5) 0     Potatoes Local (Rs.146.5) 0     Raw Red (Rs.86.5) 0     Raw White (Rs.86.5) 0     Samba (Rs.108.5) 0     Sugar White (Rs.101.5) 0    

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Speech delivered by the Chairman at the WCRD 2018

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Consumer Rights day 2018

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There are many local and international organizations that involved in promoting consumer empowerment and competition promotion activities.

Sri Lankan Institutions

There are separate institutions formed by the specific legislations by the Sri Lankan government which are providing support to the Consumer Affairs Authority in carrying out its activities. These legislations cover specific commodities and subjects which are relevant to achieve the objective of consumer welfare and coming under the purview of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act No.09 of 2003 too


Ministry of industry
& commerce
Food Act - (Sri Lanka Online Legal information Library)
Sri Lanka Standards Institutions

National Dangerous Drugs Control Board

Central Environmental Authority

National Intellectual Property
Office of Sri Lanka

Cosmetics, Devices & Drugs
Regulatory Authority

Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
Public Utilities Commission
of Sri Lanka

Government Analyst’s Department

Measurement Units, Standards & Services Departments

Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority

Industrial Technology Institute - Sri Lanka

For Economic Center Prices : Ministry of Rural Economic


International Institutes


Consumer International
  world Intellectual property organization
  organization for economic co-operation and development
  united nations environment program
International chamber of commerce

International consumer protection and enforcement network

  International organization for standardization
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