Canned Fish (425g) (Rs.176.5) 0     Chicken with Skin (Rs.446.5) 0     Coconut (Rs.73.5) 0     Dhal (Rs.130) 0     Green Gram (Rs.220) 0     Nadu (Rs.73.5) 0     Potatoes Local (Rs.146.5) 0     Raw Red (Rs.86.5) 0     Raw White (Rs.86.5) 0     Samba (Rs.108.5) 0     Sugar White (Rs.101.5) 0    

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Orders issued under Section 18

Where the minister is of the opinion that any goods or specified service. Manufactures or traders cannot increase the retail or wholesale price of specified goods or service unless they obtain prior written approval of the CAA. 


Orders issued under Section 20

The Authority, by order published in the gazette can fix the maximum price of goods and services. Every order issued under section 20, comes in operation on the date of publication of that order in the gazette.



Directions issued under Section 10

The CAA can issue general directions to manufactures or traders in respect of labeling price marking, packetting, sale or manufacture of any goods.

Moreover, CAA can issue special directions to any classes of manufactures or traders specifying the times during which and the places at which such goods may be sold and any other conditions on manufacturing, importing, marketing, storing, selling and stocking any goods.

Every directions issued by the authority is published in the gazette and in at least one Sinhala, one Tamil and one English newspaper violation of the directions by any manufacture or trader becomes and offence under the Act.

Copies of the directions issued by the Authority can be downloaded from the following link.

Directions issued under Section 12

Under section 12 of the Act, CAA can determine the standards and specifications relating to the production, manufacture, supply, storage, transportation and sale of any goods or supply of any services. CAA adopts the standards and specifications prescribed by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution of identified goods in order to protect the consumer and ensure the quality of goods. Once an item is gazette under Section 12 it becomes mandatory for the manufacturers and traders to comply with relevant standards. Noncompliance is identified as an offence.










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